Palisade Cells

This is Sambal’s Virtual Microscope

The palisade mesophyll tissue is a layer of cells in a leaf. These cells all contain numerous chloroplasts, which contain the green chemical required for photosynthesis. At the top of the slide you can also see some epidermal cells. These do NOT contain chloroplasts. Their job is to keep water in the leaf and stop bacteria and fungi from getting in.

Ligustrum is the scientific name for privet.

This is a Virtual Microscope. Click the “Move” radio button to move the slide around the microscope stage and then the “Stop” radio button or “s” on your keyboard to stop moving it. You can select the magnification by clicking on one of the radio buttons “Low Power“, “Medium Power” or “High Power” to on the right of the eyepiece. If you are using MP or HP you will have to click on the magnification button again to get the slide in view.

This is a version 2 Virtual Microscope. Version 3 will allow you to alter the focus. Version 1 did not offer the option of moving the slide around the stage.

This application requires Flash version 4 or later. Earlier versions will not allow you to alter the magnification.

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