How to Investigate

What do you need to do for your science investigation ???

I expect students to write their reports with the following headings:


  1. Your teacher will tell you the purpose or aim of the investigation.


  1. You should already know something about the topic you are investigating and
  2. you can do some research for your homework.
  3. Although you may not get any marks for this section, if you do not know anything about the topic you will be unable to write a sensible hypothesis.


  1. This should have two parts to it:

Predict what will happen in your experiments

Explain why you think your prediction is right. (do make this scientific)


  1. Just write a list of what you need.


  1. Your instructions should be clear enough for another pupil to do the experiment.
  2. Remember to include the safety instructions.
  3. If there is nothing dangerous, say so.
  4. Remember that it must be a fair experiment
  5. explain how you are going to make it fair.
  6. You should list the variables which are important in this investigation:

the “independent variable” (the one you are testing)

the “dependent variable” (the one you are measuring)

the “controlled variables” (all the other variables must be kept constant)


  1. You will probably have a table of results and
  2. some charts or graphs to show what happened


  1. Make sure that you write down what the charts and graphs show even if it is obvious.
  2. Say whether your prediction was true or false
  3. Explain what happened in the experiment.
  4. Say how accurate your experiment was
  5. Write down any improvements which you can think of.
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