About Sambal

Sambal started this web many years ago; sadly, he died, so the site was taken over by Sampson. When Sampson died, Carlo took over, but he has gone missing, so it is all down to Wanita now: it’s her website. I’m Nigel — I manage the site for her to make sure that the science answers you get are correct. Please have fun with our site.

This website has been transferred to Easyspace and Wanita is
helping me reconstruct the site. We appreciate your patience.

When we first developed this website, you could register and login as a user. Many students did so and used this facility to make comments and ask questions. All comments and questions have now been deleted. It is no longer possible to register as a user, make comments or ask questions, but you can still use this site to help you undertand and learn science.

Good luck with your exams.


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