Food Chains

My favorite food is raw turkey leg (do remember that I am a cat). My webmaster slices it up with a sharp knife. I also like duck and chicken, especially free range chicken.

What do turkeys eat ???
I am at the top of a food chain: nobody eats me !!!
Green plants are at the bottom of the food chain.

Here are some important facts about food chains to go on your index card.

All food chains start with a green plant.
Food chains cannot have more than five links in them.
The shortest food chain has just one link.

What you should do now:

Write “Food Chains” on one side of an index card.
Make some notes about food chains on the back.
Add the card to your revision pack now.

Here are some simple examples:

Cabbage  Human
Grass  Rabbit  Fox
Oak Tree  Greenfly  Ladybirds  Small Birds  Sparrow hawk

Food Chains: All food chains must start with a green plant. Grass → Rabbit → FoxFood chains cannot have more than five links in them.

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