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Re: Is this a bee?

Hi Birgitta, I think that it is a hoverfly; I can only see ONE pair of wings! Virginia agrees and says that they are always getting this wrong. Nigel. Quoting GunnelBirgitta : > Scroll down at this link, lots of … Continue reading

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You only need to register on this website if you wish to ask a question or make a comment. Please update your profile with a genuine First and Second Name as soon as you receive your password or make a … Continue reading

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Wanita’s Hunting Ground

There are two ganders and two geese at the back of the header picture above. Wanita likes to hunt mice and shrews in the long grass.

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Scientific Names

Have a look at our “Trees” page if you want to know a little more about how biologists name animals and plants. Every species of animal and plant has a double-barrelled name. The first part of the name is the … Continue reading

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Most Popular

My page on Indicators is the most popular page on this site at present.

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Next Year ~ Year 10?

If you have just completed Year 9 you will be thinking about which sciences you are going to study for GCSE. If you liked this site and decide to include Biology in your options, you should certainly be using Gondar Design Biology (also … Continue reading

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Our Toolbar

Download and enable our toolbar to make sure that you can always find these pages. The toolbar also links to FaceBook and Twitter. The toolbar works with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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Scientific Names

I have been developing a new page on the scientific names of trees. The database includes Exotic species, Hybrids and Naturalised species as well as all our Native trees. I have now re-writen the PHP code so that it is … Continue reading

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Ernst was a physicist who worked with Carl Zeiss and Otto Schott. They produced high quality optical instruments. Born: Eisenach — 23rdJanuary 1840 Died: Jena — 14thJanuary 1905 Physicist Developed optical instruments Educated: Universities of Jena & Göttingen Carl Zeiss … Continue reading

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Front Page

Welcome to Sambal’s Blog. This is where you can get help with your science Key Stage 3. Actually, anybody can ask a question here. We will do our best to give you an answer providing your question is specific. We … Continue reading

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